22 June 2018
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Welcome to Mesa Yitonia Municipality

Mesa Yitonia Municipality is located in the middle of the Limassol city towards the North. Although, it is the smallest Municipality in Cyprus in respect of its size, it is not in any aspect the least important.

Having as its emblem the Medieval Cistern, which for centuries now represents the water and life, Mesa Yitonia Municipality is a vivid and full of life place. The voices of the children are spread all around the traditional tiled center of the Municipality taking the visitor on a romantic trip back to the old stone built village which existed before this area becomes the extension of the Limassol city.  

Developmental Work
Intermunicipal Clinics
"Vathkeia" Linear Park
Triandrias Square
Yiorgou Thyrotou Park
Sculpture Park in Panthea

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