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In Mesa Geitonia, four churches are currently operational: Timios Prodromos, Apostle Andreas, Ayios Eleftherios and Osia Xeni owned by the Old Calendarists. Ruins of an old church have been discovered along the edge of the Panthea hill where the church of Archangel Michael is planned to be constructed.

The church of Timios Prodromos was built in 1846, two years after the Tanzimât was implemented in Cyprus, which was an administrative and social reform enforced by the Ottoman Empire (1844). The free reconstruction of churches in Cyprus started from that year.  

The Holy Church of Apostle Andreas was built in 1956, during the freedom struggle. «Cypriots struggling to get free» is a testimonial on a built-in plate inside the church. Both churches have fully been restored inside and outside.

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