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Three public Kindergartens (IX, XI, XVI) and four Elementary Schools are operational under the responsibility of the Mesa Geitonia Municipality. These Elementary Schools are: the IX Halkoutsa School, the XIV Mesa Geitonia School, the XI Kontovathkia School and the XVI Mesa Geitonia Timios Prodromos School. In September 2018, the new Panthea XVIII Elementary School is expected to be operational.  

The Georgios N. Kalogeropoulos Elementary School is also placed within the Mesa Geitonia Municipality boundaries.  

For any information on the above stated schools, please contact the Mesa Geitonia School Board tel.: 25694500.

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  25 723 597
  25 723 744
  Γρίβα Διγενή 14, 4002 Μέσα Γειτονιά, Τ.Θ. 59596, 4010 Λεμεσός