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The Municipality’s Coat of arms

The first coat of arms was designed in 1986 when Mesa Geitonia was proclaimed a Municipality. The Deputy Mayor and the Architect Mrs Elenitsa Stavroulla were those who conceived and created it.


The Municipality's coat of arms illustrates the medieval cistern existing in the municipal area at the road junction between Marcos Dracos and Papathinodorou Papamichail streets. The two white doves symbolize peace.

The cistern is built since the Turkish occupation. It was then a water supply source filling its big reservoirs during winter months. The inhabitants used its water for drinking and cleaning purposes, giving animals water to drink etc. Water was carried home in jars (pitchers). The cistern ceased to be operational in 1959 when a pipe network for distribution of water to houses was built.

In 2003 the Municipal Council decided to launch a public procurement to modernize the Municipality's coat of arms. The graphic designer Mrs Souli Christou won the procurement and she was the one to design the coat of arms currently used by the Municipality.

The coat of arms stands again for the medieval cistern in a simplified version.

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